my experience with gaming consoles

created on 30/08/2022

alright, everybody knows the nintendo wii, right? that old nintendo console that almost everybody had.
well, i got one many many years ago, around 2016. i think it still had internet support at the time
it was the greatest thing! i can't count how many hours i spent playing rayman and mario kart...
well, everything kinda started to go wrong when one day, i couldn't watch youtube.
i got really sad but moved on
then one day, i couldn't play super mario wii or rayman properly
i told my dad to sell it, as it was pretty broken. i thought it must have been a result of it being hacked, and it probably was

i miss that wii sometimes. not too long after selling it, my dad got us an xbox360!
that was in 2020, i think. me and my aunt would play gta san andreas all the time :))
aand i discovered that i couldn't get past a san andreas mission, not because i couldn't, but because the game crashed a lot. i decided to reset my save and try again
i never really got in the spot i was before, as for today. but i did start playing gta IV. i still play it sometimes

last year, around december, i bought a nintendo switch lite. best purchase ever! i absolutely love it! i got it with animal crossing: new horizons (physical copy). i bought some games recently for it, because they were either cheap or on sale. some of those include: pikuniku, little nightmares, overcooked and thief simulator!
i love my switch and hopefully in the future i'll be able to buy splatoon 2 and 3, pokémon games and mario games :D
that's basically it! hope you enjoyed me ranting about consoles :P

see you soon, i think