a calico cat playing with its ball

welcome to catboo!

welcome to my little digital cavern a tulip emote
i made this website to train my html-css skills and to have a piece of myself on the web!
it feels very rewarding to see your effort turn into cute stuff when building a site, something that isn't really possible to replicate on regular social media, sadly :"(
i was mostly inspired by the dokodemo site :))
feel free to stay here, as it is the only page for now...
well, my name is elly and i'm the webmaster of this site.
i mostly like cute stuff and i really like the n64+gamecube aesthetic :D
also, make sure to check my guestbook and answer the montly question!

this site works best in firefox and isn't mobile friendly as of now :(

make sure to come back later for more!!
fun fact: this page is inspired on the macintosh