08.12.2022 -- revamped the whole website, added a blog entry, added the animal crossing e-shrine, updated and added buttons in the links page and created this page!

14.12.2022 -- joined the yesterweb webring and added the webrings category in the links

04.01.2023 -- updated my footers and undid the christmas theme

13.02.2023 -- added the self-insert webring and the awards category in the links page (it's not even a links page anymore a crying bunny )

21.02.2023 -- deleted the shrines pages, fixed some pages, added the resources page, added a new index page and renames some images

24.03.2023 -- added lu's awards to the links page and added a new blog post

08.04.2023 -- removed yesterweb from my webrings in the links page, added the undertale e-shrine!

08.06.2023 -- updated the undertale e-shrine, updated the bookmarks page, added a new blog post, fixed a few broken links and fixed broken scrollbars on webkit-based browsers

22.06.2023 -- updated the drawings for my home page and about me page and replaced dokodemo's internet archive link with the new link

25.06.2023 -- fixed width in the bookmarks, links and update pages, fixed a few more broken links and updated my contact me link

03.07.2023 -- added resource link to navbar and put up my vacation notice. the notice broke a few container height's, but since it's temporary, i won't bother fixing them

02.08.2023 -- added an easter egg to the blog (try to find out what it is!)and fixed a padding error in the sidebar of the home page and about me pages

06.08.2023 -- revamped the blog and made the website have more accessibility