a drawing of a white girl with short brown hair and black-ish eyes. that's the webmaster

about the webmaster

hello there! i'm elly, the webmaster an emote of two cats dancing
i'm brazilian and may make some gruesome spelling errors, so don't mind that...

likes: cats, sanrio, animal crossing, cutecore aesthetic, coquette aesthetic, gamecube/ n64 vibes, gyaru makeup, hatsune miku figurines + drawing while listening to music !!

dislikes: 'spoiled brats', soccer, dsmp fans, bad facebook memes + homework

dni: basic dni + dsmp fans

byi: im kinda of a nerd and i enjoy old tech

this site works best in firefox and isn't mobile friendly as of now

make sure to come back later for more!!
fun fact: this page is inspired by game "my fluffy life"