some useful bookmarks

here are some links of bookmarks i find useful ^-^

based cooking: cooking without all the ads and stories you see in other recipe sites

penguin classics cover generator: generate images to make cover jackets for your books!

chris were's recommended apps: chris recommends a bunch of pretty good apps, most of them are FOSS!

koshka's alternatives to big technology: koshka recommends some alternatives for those looking for some privacy. again, most of the apps are FOSS

how to leave social media... to enter a truly social network: gives you alternatives to the big social medias, so that you can enter smaller, truly social networks

lauren's digital wellbeing guide: it's lauren's digital guide on privacy, social media detox, toolbox. also has a blog detailing how she left social media and abandoned her smartphone

dig deeper: has lots of blog posts related to internet privacy

sadgrl's webmaster links: has bunch of useful webdev links

website carbon badge: see how many carbon your page generates

how to make your website more energy efficient: basically, how you can waste less energy by changing simple things on your website

a field guide to web accessibility: a guide on how to make your site more accessible

a.n. lucas's 88x31 button collection : a collection with a bunch of old buttons, (possibly) from geocities

cameron's world: a site packed with old geocities gifs! may lag your computer :') a rentry (markdown) full of links to websites with lots of pixels, buttons, stamps, blinkies, backgrounds, etc...

this site works best in firefox and isn't mobile friendly as of now
make sure to come back later for more!!